The Different Types of Personal Injury Medical Liens

The Different Types of Personal Injury Medical Liens

Usually, the term “medical lien” applies to your health care provider and a specific doctor or hospital. However, there are other institutions that may take a form of a lien out on your medical bills. This article is here to teach you all about them! Read on to learn more about the different types of personal injury medical liens.

Health Care Providers

Most of the time, if anyone accepts payment on a lien basis, it will be your health care providers. This could mean doctors, hospitals, or even independent clinics. However, your health care providers are not compelled to treat you on a lien basis. In fact, this is a somewhat unusual practice, although it does happen.

When you win your settlement, your health care providers will expect payment out of your settlement winnings.

Government Programs

Whether you use Medicare or Medicaid or you’re a part of the Veteran’s Administration, you may be given liens from them. Before you repay any others, you must repay these institutions. Because things will vary based on the institution, you should talk with your lawyer about how this will impact your settlement.

Health Insurance Companies

While you may not have an official lien taken out by your health insurance company, many health insurance contracts include clauses about settlement winnings. Your health insurance company may have the right to place a lien on your settlement, especially if they helped pay for some of your medical care.

Workers’ Compensation

Should you sue a third party (not your employer) for your personal injury and still receive workers’ compensation, they may issue a lien to be repaid after you win your settlement.

Now that you know the different types of personal injury medical liens you may need to repay, remember that you aren’t alone while you’re waiting for your settlement. Apogee Capital Partners is here to discuss pre-settlement legal funding with you at any time. Contact us today to learn how you can pay your bills while waiting for your settlement payout.

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