About us

An Industry Leader In Providing Financial Services For Personal Injury Plaintiffs, Attorneys, Doctors, & Other Medical Care Providers

Apogee Capital Partners was started with the goal of bringing the more than 50 years of Healthcare, Finance, Patient Services and Legal experience in navigating our client's through the complex financial landscape surrounding under or uninsured personal injury cases.

Apogee Capital offers three main funding services:

1) To injured victims with guaranteed, non recourse funding for medical care and/or living expenses

2) To attorney's fighting cases on their injured client's behalf in hopes of reaching faster settlements

3) To Doctors & Medical Providers for treatment of under or uninsured Personal Injury Victims by offering guaranteed reimbursements for victim's care, and/or purchasing their existing medical lien portfolio or aging medical receivables.

Our privately funded company offers this suite of services and solutions that will produce cash in as little as 24 hrs.

Apogee Capital Partners will continue to be an industry leading resource for Personal Injury Victim guaranteed non-recourse settlement funding, Personal Injury Attorney's working or firm capital for injury cases, & Medical Providers treating under or uninsured accident victims by providing guaranteed reimbursement, and/or purchasing their existing medical lien portfolio.

Please contact us today if you are looking for a one stop resource for financial services related to Personal Injury Accidents.

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