Plaintiff Legal Funding

Get The Funding You Need To Manage Living Expenses Or Receive Medical Care In As Little As 24 Hrs

We provide cash for many needs.

Apogee Capital's No Risk Plaintiff Litigation Funding Helps With Living Expenses, Medical Care, Or Any Other Of Your Life's Essentials.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advance

Apogee offers a lawsuit cash advance, or pre-settlement plaintiff legal funding. We provide you with money in anticipation of your future settlement. You can use the cash to pay for necessary expenses that will allow your attorney time to fight for your full and fair settlement. Pre-settlement plaintiff attorney funding removes the pressure the insurance companies can use to force you into quickly settling for a smaller award just because you have bills to pay.

Post Settlement Funding

Apogee can provide you with plaintiff lawsuit funding after your case is settled and while you are waiting for the award to be distributed. Post-Settlement cash advances can be used same as pre-settlement; to use as you need to manage your living expenses, medical care, and other essential needs.

Medical Care Funding

If you were injured and are under or uninsured, it may be impossible to pay for the medical care you need.

Worry no more. With Apogee Capital's Medical Care Program, we pay for your treatment.  You get the care you need, and the provider bills us the same day treatment is given.  We will pay in as little as three days. We also offer medical lien servicing, which can increase your returns.

Apogee Capital Partners has an extensive network of healthcare providers including, but not limited to: orthopedists, diagnostic centers, hospitals and surgical centers, pain management specialists, and physical therapy centers. Our team will work with you to ensure you get the care you need at the right place.

The best part is there is no up front cost to you, and we do not charge upfront fees or interest. We get repaid from the settlement only if you win.

Apogee's Medical Care Funding offers these benefits:

  • Fast Treatment

    Our application and approval process is simple, easy, and quick.

  • The Right Care

    We will get you the right type of care you need – from a consultation to MRI, physical therapy or even surgery.

  • No Upfront Cost To You + No Interest

    There is no upfront cost to you, and you pay no interest on the funding.  You only pay if and when your case is settled. 

  • Medical Care Funding is Non-Recourse

    This means your funding is guaranteed regardless of the outcome of your case, and you only pay if your case reaches a settlement in your favor.  If your case does not settle, you do not need to repay the plaintiff litigation funding.  

Get Cash Now

Our application and approval process is fast, simple and quick. You can receive money in as little as 24 hours.

No Need To Shop Around

Apogee's rates and fees are among the lowest in the industry.

Living Expenses and Medical Funding are Non-Recourse

Non-recourse means that we aren’t funding plaintiffs as a loan. It is simply a cash advance against a pending lawsuit. You will only pay the funds back if and when you win a settlement. If your case is lost or you fail to see an award, you keep the money and no repayment is required.

Time to Wait for the right Settlement

A lot of plaintiffs cannot wait for a fair settlement when the bills are piling up. The insurance companies know this, and want to coerce you into settling quicker for a smaller amount. Our plaintiff litigation funding solutions help our clients pass the time without financial worry rather than take a quick and unfair offer.

Maximum Settlement Amount

We will only approve our clients for 10-15% of the estimated settlement amount, so the repayment and usage fees will be minimized into your remaining award. From our experience, this percentage is right to allow payment of urgent expenses and bills while still yielding the largest amount of the settlement award.

We Advance Against Most Cases

At Apogee Capital Partners, we will fund any case proving negligence with compelling liability of a defendant having an established ability to pay a potential settlement for damages caused.

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