Reasons To Settle a Personal Injury Case

Reasons To Settle a Personal Injury Case

After an injury, a courtroom is the last place many people want to wind up. You just lived through a frightening ordeal—why would you want to finish off the experience in such a nerve-racking formal setting? Luckily, you may not have to set foot in a courtroom to get the money you deserve from the person who caused your injury. Read on to learn the reasons to settle a personal injury case.

What Is a Settlement?

In a personal injury case, a settlement is the offer of payment to the injured party. However, many believe courts will only award compensation after a long, drawn-out legal battle. While you may reach a settlement after you fight through court, you could also settle before you file your lawsuit (or after you file but before the trial begins).

Reduced Legal Fees

One of the best reasons to settle a personal injury lawsuit for the defendant is that you’ll rack up legal fees quickly as soon as you enter a courtroom. Lawyers need to know their way around a judge and jury, and they’ll make you pay through for their experience. If you can settle before you reach the courtroom phase, you won’t need to think as much about legal fees.

When you have liens to worry about without medical lien servicing to help, the last thing you want is more costs.

Faster Process

No one has ever said that court is a breezy, easygoing affair. Legal battles are often protracted and unpleasant, and you’ll need to be present for practically everything. If you settle before reaching court, you can speed through the process (since the defendant probably wants to end this quickly and put this whole thing behind them, too).

Now that you know the reasons to settle a personal injury case, consider keeping your lawsuit out of the court system. If you can, you’ll enjoy more time away from lawyers and judges and more time with the people you care about.

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