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What Is Medical Care Funding?

Medical Care Funding is funding for injury victims to get the medical treatment they need whether uninsured, under insured, or have a very high deductible while their personal injury case is pending.

How does Apogee Capital’s Medical Care Funding Work?

Clients get treated within Apogee Capital’s network of providers. We pay the healthcare provider for the patient’s medical treatment at pre-negotiated rates, and are paid back from the settlement of the patient’s personal injury award.

Why Medical Funding?

Medical Funding is a great option for personal injury victims awaiting settlement needing care now, and cannot afford it because they lack insurance, or have a very high deductible.

What types of care are covered?

Personal Injury accident victims can receive virtually any type of treatment. From a simple consultation to MRI, physical therapy or even surgery, we fund it all.

Apogee Capital Partners has an extensive network of quality healthcare providers that include orthopedists, diagnostic centers, physical therapy, hospitals, pain management specialists, and surgical centers.

How Long To Be Approved? What Could Cause A Delay In Approval?

The application process takes less then 5 minutes and we usually approve funds in as little as 24 hrs. If we have an issue preventing approval in that amount of time, we will be in touch immediately.

What Types Of Cases Do You Accept?

We consider any case type for funding, but primarily we fund: Personal Injury cases, Slip & Fall, Premises Liability cases, and MVA. The client must have attorney representation. If the client does not, we have an extensive network of attorneys to contact and pick from. Please call or email us with any questions.

Is Pre-Settlement & Post-Settlement Funding The Same As A Loan?

No, for a couple reasons. One, no debt is being created. Two, it is Non-Recourse, meaning the money is guaranteed and does not have to be paid if settlement is not reached. Essentially, we are purchasing proceeds of a future settlement that does not have a 100% chance of happening.

Is Funding A Bad Idea Because I Will Get Less Award From My Settlement?

Legal funding is not for every personal injury plaintiff, but it could be a huge help and end up resulting in you winning a larger settlement. We have many examples from case experience where the initial offer from the insurance company was unacceptable, so Apogee Capital provided needed funds, and either through settlement or verdict, the ultimate award was many times more then the original offer, and the client got the settlement they deserved.

How Much Information Does Apogee Need From Me?

The application takes less then 5 minutes and our underwriting process is simple and requires no credit or background check. Primarily, we only need information about your case for our records because we are committing capital to it, but we don’t need or want unnecessary information about you that will not help us make our decision process faster.

How Often Does Apogee Need A Case Update?

We need reasonable updates only every 90 days for our case files.

If I Get Funding, What Will Be Left When I Get My Settlement?

Our goal is there is plenty of money left for the client at settlement. To achieve it, we do not fund more than 10-15% of an anticipated settlement amount, and offer among the industry's lowest rates and fees.

What Happens When My Case Takes Much Longer Then Anticipated?

When we come across these rare cases and need to make an adjustment, we work with you to alleviate any problems. Our relationship is as a partnership with you. We want to be there to make sure you get to the finish line, and receive the fair settlement you deserve.  We will do what it takes to help get you there.

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