Pre-Settlement Funding in New Jersey

After a personal injury like a car accident, the last thing you want to do is worry. You should be able to focus all your attention on getting better and getting the justice you deserve, but bills often stand in the way. When you need to pay your medical bills, grocery bills, and mortgage, it can feel difficult to find the money to fund a court case. However, through the legal system, you can be repaid for an accident that was not your fault. You should learn more about pre-settlement funding in New Jersey—it’s a reliable way to pay your bills.

What Is Litigation Funding?

At its simplest, litigation funding is a way to keep yourself going during an expensive journey toward justice. Litigation funding is an advance from your settlement that you can use to pay any bills you need to—use it for groceries, court costs, medical bills, childcare, or anything else you require. In New Jersey, litigation funding is one of the best ways for people without a lot of money to stand up for themselves in a court of law.

What Is Litigation Funding Not?

Despite this being a common misconception, litigation funding is not a loan. That’s because litigation funding is non-recourse funding. That’s a complicated way of saying that if you don’t win your settlement, you don’t need to pay back the funding you received! For instance, if you apply for New Jersey lawsuit funding, and we approve you, you don’t need to repay a single cent unless you win your case.

How Does Litigation Funding Work?

To get pre-settlement funding in New Jersey, all you need to do is fill out a short application on our website. Then, we’ll contact you with an answer as quickly as possible! It’s a simple process designed to get you the money you need—and fast.

Contact one of the best pre-settlement funding companies in New Jersey with any questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

Personal Injury Victim Or Plaintiff

Apogee Capital provides Personal Injury Victims or Plaintiffs with either pre-settlement or post-settlement funding solutions and lawsuit funding services to help pay for life's essential needs and/or receive medical treatment in order to be able to wait a full and fair settlement.

If you are injured and awaiting settlement from your case, and you need money now to pay for surgery that cannot wait or other medical treatment then look no further. Apogee offers medical and surgical financing with no upfront cost or risk to you if your case does not settle. You can get back to your life while your attorney fights to settle your case.

Funding for Attorneys & Law Firms

Apogee Capital is here to support law firms with law capital funding to operate and grow while they work for fair settlements for their clients.

No matter if your firm's need is one-time or continuous, Apogee Capital funding options can meet your firm’s settled case funding, pending case funding or working capital line needs.

Funding for Doctors & Medical Care Providers

Apogee Capital understands more then any company in the industry that serving uninsured or under insured patients on letters of protection or medical liens is complex and financially challenging.  

We solve the complexity and financial challenges two fold:

  1. By paying healthcare providers directly on behalf of letter of protection or medical lien patients at pre-negotiated rates higher then major medical and government programs.
  2. Providing additional capital to your practice by purchasing and/or servicing your outstanding medical lien or aging medical receivables portfolio.

help the community

Our goal is helping our community of clients to receive the best outcome possible for their cases. Our funding services are designed to allow clients to keep going without financial worry, so insurance companies cannot pressure them into taking a smaller settlement than they deserve for the damage done.

Apogee helps our community of clients rest easy because they only pay back their funding when they win their case, and receive their settlement award.

Do Not get a lawsuit loan. Get Settlement funding instead!

We are not a loan company. More in the realm of settlement funding companies. We offer lawsuit funding services. Pre-settlement or Post-Settlement funding are non-recourse, meaning they are guaranteed, and not loans. Apogee Capital’s funding program is money advanced to personal injury plaintiffs awaiting judgments or settlements in lawsuits. More commonly referred to as pre-settlement funding, lawsuit cash advance, or non-recourse financial assistance. We fund all types of personal injury lawsuits: auto accidents, product liability issues, slips and falls, and many others.

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