Pre-Settlement Funding Application Process

We make it simple and easy to apply and receive funds.

Apogee Capital makes funding simple, quick and easy.

First off, we are NOT selling you a pre-settlement loans, pre-settlement funding is not a loan. Our funding is different, and referred to as non-recourse. If your case is unsuccessful, you do not have pay back one dollar of the money you received or incur any fees for it. What we are offering is a pre-settlement cash advance. It is issued against your claim to help you with medical care or to manage living expenses while you wait for settlement.

Your funding starts with a simple conversation. Our team members are standing by to help you apply and answer any questions you have about our process.

  • 1. Apply

    The first step to receive your pre-settlement cash advance is to follow the pre-settlement funding application process. Our kind and knowledgeable team will collect the necessary information from you. We will review your case information, and verify your funding eligibility.

  • 2. Get Your Funds

    Once approved, you will receive your pre-settlement cash advance fast, in as little as 24 hours. We provide the funding to you in the way that works best.

  • 3. Use Your Funds

    Once you receive the lawsuit funding, use it to meet your needs. Most tend to use it to pay for essentials (ex: rent & utility bills, food, car & insurance payments) for their families.

  • Only Repay If You Win

    Personal Injury legal funding is non-recourse, which means it is not a pre-settlement loan. You only pay back if your case settles. When the settlement is distributed, your attorney will repay funding from your awarded money.

Get Approved In 24 Hrs Or Less

Let Apogee Capital provide you funding so you can afford to wait for a full and fair settlement to your case.

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