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We Have One Of The Best Reputations In The Litigation Funding Industry With Over 50 Years Of Healthcare, Finance, Patient Services and Legal Experience
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Personal Injury Plaintiffs
Get The Funding You Need To Manage Living Expenses Or Receive Medical Care In 24 Hrs
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Working capital for your firm & to help get your clients the settlements they deserve.
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Doctors & Medical Care Providers
Get your under or uninsured patients the care they deserve worry free with Apogee Capital Partners today!
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Legal Funding

Get legal funding in as little as 24 hours! Apogee Capital knows when you have been a victim of personal injury accident, expenses pile up quickly, and you need money now. That’s why Apogee Capital offers pre-settlement funding and cash advances in as little as 24 hours. We get our clients the money they need as fast as possible. No credit check required, and our application process is fast, easy and free.


Fast Approval

Easy Application Process. Takes 5 Minutes + No Credit Check Necessary!


Repay ONLY If You Win Your Case

No Risk To You.  No Settlement, No Problem! You Owe Nothing.


Funding In 24hrs

Get The Money You Need Today!

We believe nobody needs to choose between a lesser settlement and being able to fight for a fair settlement just because they need money to pay for essential living expenses and medical care.


Apogee Capital Partners is an industry-leading litigation financing firm that provides cash advances and medical funding to people injured in accidents, so they can pay their bills and/or get medical care which allows their attorney time to fight for them and reach a fair settlement.

Plaintiff funding is guaranteed & non-recourse.

All plaintiff funding is NOT a loan. It is guaranteed & non-recourse which means you only repay if/when you are awarded a settlement. If your case does not end with a settlement, you owe nothing.

Get relief for everything you need.

Apogee Capital provides pre-settlement legal funding for living expenses and/or medical treatment, setting us apart from other litigation finance firms. We provide funding up to $400,000, depending on our clients’ needs.

Fast, easy and no cost to apply.

Applying for guaranteed pre-settlement funding has never been this easy. There’s no cost to you and the application takes less than five minutes.

No need to shop around

Our rates and fees are always among the lowest in the industry.

What Our Clients Say

“We have worked with Apogee Capital Partners for the last 2 years, and they have fulfilled all their commitments.  They provide timely funding, and help us navigate the personal injury. “

Cassie Davis, ASC Administrator

“Apogee Capital Partners has the best service out of any of the funding companies we have used.“

Dr. Cameron Smith, Healthcare Provider

“We work with Apogee Capital Partners because they provide competitive financing for our clients pre-settlement funding needs. “

Schendel & Williams Law Firm

“Apogee Capital helped me financially when I couldn’t work, and provided me with the necessary capital to get me back on my feet. “

George Shields, Client

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