Personal Injury Funding

One-Stop Resource For Injury Client Funding

Apogee Capital offers non-recourse, guaranteed pre- and post-settlement personal injury medical funding to pay for your client's essential needs. We also offer medical and/or surgical funding so they can get the medical treatment they need immediately. Our non-recourse pre-settlement personal injury funding means that your clients don’t need to worry about repayment unless they win their case—we understand that times are tough, and we don’t want to make them tougher. Apogee Capital Partners can help with client-first personal injury pre-settlement funding to pay for court costs, legal fees, and medical bills.

Larger Settlements

Pre-settlement personal injury lawsuit funding gives your client the financial freedom now to pay necessary expenses and medical bills while you build their case to result in a fair and full reward. By alleviating financial pressures that could force them to agree to a smaller settlement, receiving personal injury litigation funding from Apogee Capital benefits both the injured client and the attorney. A larger award for your client, and you receive your maximum fees.


Apogee Capital's injured client cash advances and medical funding are not loans—they are non-recourse personal injury lawsuit funding used to pay for pending lawsuit settlements. If your case fails to settle, clients do not pay back one cent on their advance.

We Do Not Over Fund

Apogee Capital will not over fund your client. We approve 10-15% of the estimated award amount so repayment of funding and the usage fees will not absorb a large part of the award. Our experience is that this percentage is appropriate to allow payment for essential needs while allowing a considerable award to remain for your client their case is settled in court.

Funding Only with Attorney Approval

We want to help fund clients, but we will never provide funding without talking to their attorney first. We only want to provide clients with a personal injury cash advance large enough to pay for their essential expenses, leaving the maximum amount possible to receive of their award.

Fast, simple, & no cost for approval

Applying for personal injury lawsuit funding is simple, costs nothing, and is fast—in fact, we can offer same-day funding. We do not need employment verification or a credit check.  Plus our contract is written to protect you and your client in the event there is no award settled on in your case.

Funding for Most Cases

Apogee Capital almost always will fund any case with evidence of negligence proving liability of a defendant with an established ability to pay a settlement of fair value of the damages caused to the personal injury victim.

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