Three Crucial Factors To Consider Going Into a Settlement

Three Crucial Factors To Consider Going Into a Settlement

If you’ve chosen to pursue a lawsuit, you should have a good sense of what you’re getting into from beginning to end. You should especially be aware of the steps involved in entering the final stages when the other side’s attorneys or insurance company make an offer on a settlement. While your attorney will handle the specifics, keep in mind these three crucial factors to consider going into a settlement.

Are You Fully Recovered?

Some accidents are easy to recover from, others take longer, and still others lead to effects that can be felt suddenly after years of perfect health. You should have had a thorough check-up before entering a lawsuit to gauge the status of your health and see if you might experience long-term effects. Be sure you don’t accept the first offer on the condition of not seeking further damages down the line unless you’re certain you’ll remain in good health. If you need further care, therapy, medications, and more to maintain your quality of life down the line, that will be entirely on you. Ensure you’re fully recovered before accepting any final offer!

Consider Pain and Suffering

Some people like to tough out traumatic events, simply receiving medical care and saying they’re all right when, in fact, they are not. Admitting to pain and suffering is not a matter of being weak or greedy for a bigger settlement. The psychological effects of a major accident can continue long after the bones knit and scars heal. If you feel the trauma of the incident has had a negative impact on your ability to work or live your life, discuss it with your attorney and a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist who can provide a professional assessment of your mental state and testify on your behalf. Proving pain and suffering is tricky, but don’t discount the possibility.

Will You Need Further Funding After Settlement?

The third of the three crucial factors to consider going into a settlement is a vital one. Even if you win the settlement, whether it’s decided by a judge or by both parties outside of court, payment may not be immediately forthcoming. In the meantime, there are bills to pay by both the attorney and client for living expenses, legal costs, and medical bills. Post-settlement funding for attorneys can take care of this in part. Financial institutions like Apogee Capital Partners can lend money to plaintiffs and attorneys according to the projected settlement to handle the everyday expenses that mount up until that settlement check arrives.

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