Slip and Fall Pre-Settlement Funding: What Is It?

Slip and Fall Pre-Settlement Funding: What Is It?

Slip and fall pre-settlement funding—what is it? It starts with a preventable incident. Slip and fall accidents happen due to the negligence of property owners or businesses. Negligence may include failure to maintain the area, defects in the pathway’s design, low-quality materials used during construction, the presence of snow and ice on the premises, poor lighting, and more. An injured individual may file for a slip and fall claim, and their injuries may force them to take time off work. This financial burden can impact their life. The good thing is that they can qualify for pre-settlement financing in 24 hours. It doesn’t even require credit checks or employment history. These funds help pay for medical fees, cover lost wages, and pay for daily living expenses. Continue reading to learn more about slip and fall pre-settlement funding and its benefits.

It’s Risk-Free

This form of pre-settlement funding supplies the injured party with money to spend on urgent financial needs without worrying about payment. Payback is only necessary if you win the settlement case. This way, victims will have a fallback. Their expenses won’t force them to settle for anything less than what they deserve. They can let their lawyer settle their case and wait for the result of their claims.

It Eases the Financial Burden for Victims

It is common for victims to be unable to work for weeks while they recuperate from a slip and fall accident. This means they will need money for their daily living expenses. Without a source of income, everyday life can be stressful. With the help of pre-settlement funding, the injured individual can live in comfort and cover their finances while they are unable to work.

It’s Fast and Requires No Credit Checks

After careful evaluation of the accident and the associated injuries, it is possible to claim this type of funding within 24 hours. You need not undergo any credit checks or wait for weeks for the approval of the cash advance.

It Helps the Victim Wait for a Fair Settlement

Due to cash constraints, victims of slip and fall accidents may feel pressured to accept unfair settlements. Some think there are no other options. This funding helps them focus entirely on getting better.

It Lessens the Burden and Stress Brought About by the Accident

With the funding in place, victims no longer need to find money elsewhere. This lessens the burden on the injured party’s family or relatives. It lets them immediately get treated for their injuries and even undergo necessary surgical procedures promptly.

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