Ways You Can Use Your Pre-Settlement Funds

Ways You Can Use Your Pre-Settlement Funds

Just because it looks like a lawsuit is going to fall your way doesn’t mean your money problems are over. In fact, you may be waiting years to see a dime of your settlement money. That’s where funding companies like Apogee Capital Partners come in.

We can provide you with pre-settlement funds, which are like an advance on your settlement money. However, you may be wondering about ways to use your pre-settlement funds—that’s a good question, and we’re here to answer it!

Paying Medical Bills

Medical bills often come with the highest price tags a person has to deal with in the wake of a personal injury lawsuit. If your injury required surgery or extensive testing, you might be responsible for paying tens of thousands of dollars, if not more. When many people learn that money is coming their way, medical bills are the first place their mind goes.

Paying Everyday Bills

Many people believe that there are certain requirements associated with pre-settlement funding. For example, they may believe they can only use the funds to pay for things related to the case. That isn’t true at all. The money you get from pre-settlement funding is yours to do with as you see fit. For example, you could use it to pay off outstanding bills on your car or house.

Paying Attorney Fees and Court Costs

In addition to medical bills, attorney case funding is an expensive aspect of your lawsuit you’ll need to repay sooner rather than later. Using the money from your pre-settlement agreement, you can pay your lawyers as well as manage any accumulated court costs.

Remember that these ways you can use your pre-settlement funds are only a few examples. There are no strings attached when you receive pre-settlement funds from a company like Apogee Capital Partners—we want you to use your money in whichever way is best for you. After your injury, the last thing we want is to impose more stress on you.

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