4 Major Signs Your Settlement Offer Is Too Low

4 Major Signs Your Settlement Offer Is Too Low

From car accidents to slip-and-fall injuries, you’re owed money if the incident was not your fault. However, whether you’re dealing with your insurance company or another party, their goal is to pay you the smallest amount possible. Read on to learn four major signs your settlement offer is too low. If it is too low, be sure to speak with your attorney to correct it.

You Received the Offer Quickly

Investigations take time after an injury or accident. If the other party turns around a week later and offers you a sum of settlement money, there’s a good chance they’re doing that to make the claim go away before the investigation can conclude. In many cases, they may make you an offer before you have the chance to secure an attorney. Be sure to get one and have them look over your case and the offer before you do anything.

Evidence Is Ignored

Until you’re in a courtroom, the other party doesn’t need to consider the evidence when making you a settlement offer. Some people see dollar signs and jump at the chance for quick money, which allows the other party to ignore evidence that could result in a much bigger payout for you. Remember to account for current and future medical bills, as well as pain and suffering money and lost wages.

They Go Quiet

After sending an offer, the other party will often go completely quiet, not responding to your calls or messages. The goal is to make you feel as though you’re not important to them, leading you to assume that the only choice is to accept their offer. This is the perfect moment for your lawyer to intervene so you get the justice you deserve.

Injuries Downplayed

Whether you have a letter of protection from a medical lien or some other indication that you received medical care, insurance companies and other parties may attempt to downplay your injuries so they can offer you a smaller settlement. They may claim that you had a pre-existing condition or get you to sign a medical release form—remember, don’t sign anything that your attorney has not looked over.

Now that you know these four major signs your settlement offer is too low, make sure your first stop is your lawyer. Don’t sign anything or communicate with the other party without your lawyer’s approval. Saying the wrong thing can undermine your position and result in you receiving less than you deserve.

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