The Benefits of Medical Care Lien Servicing

The Benefits of Medical Care Lien Servicing

Not everyone can afford to pay their medical bills, especially after something like a car accident. When patients in need of help walk through your doors, you have the option of treating them on a lien basis. Essentially, this means the doctor’s medical services are provided in exchange for a claim on the patient’s settlement rather than the traditional payment.

Until the patient’s settlement has succeeded, the doctor or the hospital cannot demand payment from the patient. Read on to learn the benefits of medical care lien servicing.

For Doctors and Hospitals

Medical liens are good for everyone—doctors and hospitals included.

Bill at Customary Rates

“Customary rates” aren’t things you usually get to use. When working with low-income patients with insurance, doctors typically end up as little as possible, finding ways here and there to shave costs for their patients. However, a medical lien opens up a world of opportunities. Instead of shaving costs, you can bill everything at customary rates.

That means more money in your pocket once your clients win their settlement.

For Patients

For patients without post-settlement funding to pay for medical bills, medical liens can go a long way.

Get Care They Need

When a patient goes to a hospital after a car accident, it’s because they need help. Medical liens can make sure that patient gets through the door and linked with a doctor who can provide them with excellent care.

Build Evidence for Claim

In addition, medical records are crucial to winning a settlement. When a patient gets help, they aren’t only aiding their health—they’re also building evidence for their lawsuit.


Apogee Capital Partners is here to help doctors and hospitals with their medical liens through a process called “servicing.” Instead of spending countless hours collecting medical lien receivables, outsource that process to us and focus your energy where it truly matters.

Now that you understand the benefits of medical care lien servicing, you can find a reliable company to help you manage your medical liens.

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