Ways Contingency Fee Attorneys Can Obtain Litigation Funding

Ways Contingency Fee Attorneys Can Obtain Litigation Funding

When you’re working as a contingency fee attorney, you understand the deal—you only get paid when the case is settled. However, you also know that cases can take months or years to settle, and that’s a long time to go without a paycheck. Read on to learn ways contingency fee attorneys can obtain litigation funding.

What Is Litigation Funding?

Litigation funding, for many clients and attorneys, is the best thing in the world. At its simplest, it’s a cash advance on a settlement that will probably come through. You don’t need to win the case to be awarded litigation funding, however. A team of analysts will look at the lawsuit and determine its chances of succeeding—if it looks like it will win, you and your client can enjoy a presettlement advance.

The best part? Litigation funding is nonrecourse (in other words, it works like contingency fee attorneys do). If you don’t win the case, you don’t need to repay the money. Times are tough—we don’t want to make them any tougher.

Pay Out of Pocket

Sometimes, money simply can’t wait. In those cases, you may come to a difficult decision—start paying out of pocket for court costs and legal fees or risk the case falling apart. While this is never an option people want to consider, it can sometimes become the only option.

Apply Online

The best way to get funding for your case is with a simple online application process. You and your client can go through and answer a few basic questions. The funding firm can approve the funds in as little as 24 hours. If you’re interested in lawsuit funding for attorneys and their clients, contact Apogee Capital Partners to learn more.

Now that you know these ways contingency fee attorneys can obtain litigation funding, contact a reputable litigation funding firm and get lawsuit funding.

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