How Medical Liens Can Increase Client Referrals

How Medical Liens Can Increase Client Referrals

As a healthcare provider, you’ve probably heard a little about medical liens. However, not all doctors or hospital staff know everything there is to know about medical liens, which may result in you leaving money on the table. We can help answer some burning questions you may have—for example, how can medical liens increase client referrals?

What Is a Medical Lien?

You can think of a medical lien as healthcare on credit. A lien is a contract between a patient and their healthcare provider—an agreement stating that the patient will pay you back for your services. A lien is a normal way for patients to pay if they’ve been injured in an accident. You exercise the lien once their personal injury case is decided.

Why Liens Are Good for Doctors, Hospitals, and Patients

Not all doctors or hospitals are comfortable working with a patient with a lien because they believe that liens are risky. When you provide care to a patient with a lien, they may lose their personal injury case. You can still exercise the lien, but a patient who obtained a lien in the first place may not be able to afford their medical bills.

Instead of those bills being sent to collections, though, contact Apogee Capital Partners. We provide medical lien purchasing and servicing so you can give your patients the care they need without worrying about the money. We’ll buy your outstanding liens or receivables portfolio.

This makes medical liens beneficial for everyone involved. Doctors and hospitals can charge regular rates because the patient can pay the full amount out of their settlement. And the patient still gets the best care possible.

Liens and Client Referrals

As we mentioned before, not all doctors work with patients on a lien basis. However, by not accepting these individuals, you’re reducing your pool of possible patients. Patients are much more likely to refer others to doctors or hospitals that work with patients with liens.

Now that you know how medical liens can increase client referrals, don’t hesitate to work with your patients with medical liens. The team at Apogee Capital Partners is happy to help with lien purchasing and servicing!

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