How Your Clients Can Receive Funding for Your Services

How Your Clients Can Receive Funding for Your Services

Many personal injury claims come from clients without the capital to pay for legal services. However, this is no reason to deny them access to the justice they deserve. There are a few ways for clients with less income to receive money for court costs and attorneys’ fees, from loved ones to lawsuit funding. Keep reading to discover how your clients can receive funding for your services.

Loved Ones

Your clients can first look for the money needed to file a claim with their family and friends. If they have a great case, you can help your client reassure their loved ones that the settlement money will facilitate payback down the line.

You never know who has a little cash set aside for a rainy day—there’s no better reason to break out the piggy bank than to help a loved one get the legal compensation they’re owed.


Websites like GoFundMe have skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years, and it’s no wonder. Your clients can tell their stories online and receive donations from the generous people of the internet. While this isn’t a guarantee, it doesn’t come with the need to pay anyone back. If your client has a particularly touching story, this is a fantastic option.

Lawsuit Funding

Finally, if your client is looking for a surer thing than relying on generous contributions, you can talk to them about lawsuit funding. Personal injury lawsuit funding is when an outside party, known as a funder, looks at your client’s case and gives them the capital they need to continue. This money can go toward court costs, attorney’s fees, and even personal expenses during the lawsuit.

In most cases, your client will not be responsible for paying back the funder unless their case is successful. This means that lawsuit funding does not come with the usual risks of a personal loan.

Now that you know how your clients can receive funding for your services, have an open conversation and give everyone equal access to your expertise.

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