Top Reasons Plaintiffs Get Denied for Lawsuit Funding

Top Reasons Plaintiffs Get Denied for Lawsuit Funding

When you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, the cost of medical attention, legal procedures, and continuing living expenses can accumulate fast. Being that these expenses were unpredicted, they can be quite overwhelming for anyone without a hefty financial cushion. That’s what makes personal injury cash advances so beneficial. With pre-settlement funding, you can cover your bills while awaiting your attorney to reach a settlement.

However, acquiring a cash advance from a lawsuit funding company isn’t guaranteed for everyone. Apogee Capital Partners looks at the top reasons plaintiffs get denied for lawsuit funding so that you can make a stronger case for yourself when applying for a cash advance.

You Don’t Have an Attorney

Many legal funding companies will not fund unrepresented clients. This may be because a company prefers to provide cash for a case that does not have support from a legal professional. An attorney can help assure that you gather all the necessary information that lawsuit funding companies require for review.

You Haven’t Provided Adequate Documentation for Your Case

Before a legal funding company takes a risk in investing in your case, you must provide them with ample documentation. You should share all police reports, photo evidence, and witness testimonies, as well as any medical expenses tied to your accident with the company at which you’re applying for funding.

Liability Is Unclear

One of the top reasons plaintiffs get denied for lawsuit funding is that the person at fault for the accident is unclear. Should the funding company you apply with review your documentation and have doubts, they may deny you a cash advance. Funding companies want to be entirely confident that the odds are in your favor and that you weren’t at fault before providing funds.

Where To Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding

Apogee Capital Partners’ application process is fast, simple, and free. Our non-recourse funding contract protects plaintiffs in scenarios where the outcome is not in their favor so that they don’t end up with an additional fine.

If you’re in need of a cash advance while your case reaches a settlement, apply with Apogee Capital Partners. We’ll work with your attorney to ensure we can provide the best pre-settlement funding option possible for your situation.

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