Factors That Can Impact the Value of Your Settlement Payment

Factors That Can Impact the Value of Your Settlement Payment

Every personal injury case is unique, but insurance companies look for some consistent factors to determine each case’s value. Police reports, evidence of injuries, lost wages, and other elements will serve as critical support to your claim. Without adequate documentation, your settlement may not come out to a sufficient value. Discover the factors that can impact the value of your settlement payments to establish a stronger claim for yourself.

Total Cost of Your Lost Wages

Personal injury victims who incur injuries that prohibit them from working may be eligible for settlement checks of greater value. If serious medical attention due to the accident hindered your ability to work, let the insurance company know. Calculate your lost wages and factor them into your total damages from the incident.

Proof of the Other Party’s Liability

Before an insurance company writes up a settlement check, it wants to be entirely certain the plaintiff is not at any fault for the accident. If they suspect you share any of the blame for the incident, they will decrease the value of your settlement check (should they decide you’re still eligible for one).

On the flip side, proof of liability is one of those factors that can impact the value of your settlement payment positively. Once you can prove to the insurance company that the other party is entirely at fault, the company is more likely to increase the value of your check. A few ways you can showcase the other party’s liability include:

  • A thorough police report
  • Photo evidence (injuries, vehicle damage, et cetera)
  • Proof of medical injury expenses
  • Verified witness testimonies

Witness Testimonies

Verified witness testimonies play significant roles in your settlement check value. Credible, detailed witness perspectives that back your claim will boost its value, while a lack of witnesses or witnesses who favor the opposing party will dampen your claim.

Waiting on a settlement check doesn’t mean your expenses will hold off from accumulating. A pileup of medical, legal, and living bills can restrict you from living your life. Fortunately, personal injury victims can apply for plaintiff litigation funding to support them while insurance companies work on their claims. Apogee Capital Partners offers nonrecourse presettlement funding to help individuals overcome unexpected expenses while they’re awaiting fair settlement checks. Apply with us today for a quick and simple cash advance to get the legal and medical attention you need now.

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